Tompkins – Jacob and Mary Place

My 5x great grandparents met in New Brunswick, Canada. Jacob was born in Westchester, New York and is from the Hudson Valley Tompkins lineage. Jacob’s father is thought to be Jonathan Griffin Tompkins and Magdalena Lewis. They were loyal to the King of England and moved to Canada after the Revolutionary War due to the gift of land in return for their loyalty.

There is much written on this family and I will explore it at a later time. Here is a good reference for the Tompkins family until then: Tompkins Wiki. You can also find good information on my distant Australian cousin Allan Tompkin’s page here:

Jacob moved to Canada where he met and married Mary Place. They married in 1785, both were born abt 1759. They are buried in Northampton Kirk Cemetery in Carleton, New Brunswick.

My ancestor is their last son, Aaron.

Jacob would marry a second time and have a total of 12 children; 10 with Mary and 2 with his second wife; Nancy.

3 thoughts on “Tompkins – Jacob and Mary Place”

  1. I am also a descendant of Jacob Tompkins who is my 4th great grandfather. My great grandparents being Jarvis Tompkins and Sarah McLean and their daughter Mildred Tompkins was my grandmother. I would love to get any family pictures that I can get.

    1. PJ – glad to help how I can. I’ll see what pictures I have, but more likely I’ll need to get some from my Aunt when I visit later this summer. Was your Jarvis the one who lived 1833-1891? This is actually my focus family for the summer. I live in the Metro NYC area and hope to get up to Westchester area once I narrow down more details on the family. Thank you, Koreen

      1. PJ,

        To continue above – would your Jarvis and Sarah be the ones from North Dakota? If so – have you read the book “North Dakota Immigrants” by Joseph L Gavett that mentions Jarvis and Sarah on page 273?


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