Tompkins Budway Lineage

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Some research does extend beyond 5x Great Grandparents. I am waiting until I’ve completed all the writings up to this generation to extend to the next generations.
Tompkins Budway / Broadway:

  • Great Grandmother: Emeline Tompkins Mollison
  • 2x Great Grandfather: Coles Frederick Tompkins, Sr
  • 2x Great Grandmother: Lena M Budway Tompkins
  • 3x Great Grandfather: Jarvis R Tompkins
  • 3x Great Grandmother: Mary Kearney
  • 3x Great Grandfather: Frank Xavier Budway
  • 3x Great Grandmother: Caroline DeRochet Budway
  • 4x Great Grandfather: Aaron W Tompkins
  • 4x Great Grandmother: Elizabeth Young Tompkins
  • 4x Great Grandfather: Francis Xavier Broadway
  • 4x Great Grandmother: Mary Ann Crozier Broadway
  • 5x Great Grandfather: Tompkins – Jacob and Mary Place


  • From Nova Scotia, to Maine, to Eastern Massachusetts – this family slowly worked their way south. The Tompkins line is strong in the US with the main branch in the Hudson Valley. Some worked their way back to Canada – an effort is underway to connect the main branch with our branch.

The Broadway/Budway lineage adds some French Canadian to our heritage.  It also includes the first college graduate to my maternal lineage – Emeline Tompkins attended Teacher’s College at Salem Normal School, what is now Salem State University. Her teaching career brought her to Goshen MA where she met and married Stewart Mollison.