Tompkins – Jacob and Mary Place

My 5x great grandparents met in New Brunswick, Canada. Jacob was born in Westchester, New York and is from the Hudson Valley Tompkins lineage. Jacob’s father is thought to be Jonathan Griffin Tompkins and Magdalena Lewis. They were loyal to the King of England and moved to Canada after the Revolutionary War due to the gift of land in return for their loyalty.

There is much written on this family and I will explore it at a later time. Here is a good reference for the Tompkins family until then: Tompkins Wiki. You can also find good information on my distant Australian cousin Allan Tompkin’s page here:

Jacob moved to Canada where he met and married Mary Place. They married in 1785, both were born abt 1759. They are buried in Northampton Kirk Cemetery in Carleton, New Brunswick.

My ancestor is their last son, Aaron.

Jacob would marry a second time and have a total of 12 children; 10 with Mary and 2 with his second wife; Nancy.

Chilson – Lewis and Dorcas Damon

Lewis Chilson and Dorcas Damon are my maternal 5x Great Grandparents.

Lewis was born in 1800, passing in 1860. Dorcas was born in 1800 and died in 1871. They both lived their entire lives in Westhampton. They are buried in Westhampton’s Center Cemetery with a simple marker.

Chilson Lewis and Dorcas Damon

Together they would have three children: Orpha, Fordyce, and Rodney. The US Census would show their home was never as simple as just the immediate family.


  • 1830 Westhampton: Lewis and 4 family members (3 male, 2 females total)
  • 1850 Westhampton: Lewis, Dorcas, Rodney, granddaughter Orintha, grandson George (son of Fordyce), and laborer Robert Demand. Lewis’ occupation is Laborer.
  • 1855 Westhampton (Mass State Census): Lewis; occupation Farmer; Dorcas; and granddaughter Orintha
  • 1860 Westhampton: Lewis, Dorcas, Orintha, Fordyce, Lodency Damon (daughter in law), and grandchildren George and Esther.

Both families have significant history in Western Massachusetts. There are 27 Chilsons and 309 Damons posted on Find A Grave in Hampshire County; predominately in Bridge Street, Village Hill, Damon Homeplace, Goshen, Bofat, and Center (Westhampton & Chesterfield) Cemeteries. (researching possible sites to link with more detail on these families).

Lyman – Naomi

The Lyman line is started with my maternal 5x great grandmother, Naomi Lyman. She married Caleb Weller in 1807.

She is the daughter of Abner and Hannah Lyman. I share a birthday with her, May 25th, albeit hers was in 1784 in Northampton, MA.

She gave birth to 5 children, all of whom lived to be adults. Two daughters: Lovice and Martha; three sons: Solomon, Roland, and Henry. It is not yet known when Caleb Weller passed, but he does not appear in a census after 1840 that I have found. All of her children were grown by this time.


  • 1840 Naomi and Martha (based solely on female age) are listed in Northampton. Solomon by himself.
  • 1850: Northampton; living with Roland, his wife Lucy, and Martha (listed as Eliza M).
  • 1855: Mass Census: Northampton; living with Henry and Martha.

She would die in 1859 from dysentery and is buried in the Bridge Street Cemetery with Lovice, Solomon, Roland, and Martha.

Naomi Lyman Weller; Bridge Street Cemetery
  Naomi Lyman Weller; Bridge Street Cemetery
Weller Family - Lovice, Martha, Naomi, and Roland Bridge Street Cemetery
Weller Family – Lovice, Martha, Naomi, and Roland Bridge Street Cemetery

I do not have any pictures of her nor have I completed any substantial research on her parents as of yet.