Barns – Benjamin

May 28 2016 – This week I discovered the identity of my 4th great grandfather, Benjamin Barns. Until this discovery, my only connection with the Barns family was his son, Nathaniel, and his granddaugther – Ida – my 3rd Great Grandfather and 2nd Great Grandmother respectively. The Barns connect with my Bishopp family.

They came from Rhode Island to Oneida County New York – settling in the Clark Mills and Kirkland areas. Benjamin would marry twice – I have not yet determined which wife was Nathaniel’s mom. And 11 of his 13 children would live for at least 3 years. At the time of his death in 1873, only 5 of those children were still alive.

His will shows that he established a sizable wealth. He left his wife, Joanna, a home for her perpetual use. My ancestor, Nathaniel, was his eldest son and executor of his will. Each living child was left between $2,800 and $3,000. The widows of his deceased sons were left $100 or $50 annuity. The children, his grandchildren, of his deceased sons and daughters were each left $3,500 for their education and “other useful expenditures” and if there was any remaining it was theirs at the age of 21 or 23 – child dependent. By the way – I was proud to see this applied to grandsons and GRANDDAUGHTERS equally – education was specifically detailed for each child. My 2nd great grandmother was no mentioned, but her father was living and the executor of the will.

I’m sure I’ll learn more about him as time passes, but for now I am very proud of my 4th Great Grandfather. The value of a good education has been a family trait throughout my tree. It wasn’t always attainable, but it was valued.

My constant reminder of this branch of my family is my pheasant topped teapot set. I think I’ll value it even more now (and possibly polish it!!).

Weller – Roland

Roland is my maternal 4x Great Grandfather. He was born in Westfield, MA in 1813 and died in 1886 in Northampton, MA of apoplexy. He is buried in the Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton, MA with his mother and 2 sisters. Coincidentally, not far from Orpha Chilson Russell and her family.

Roland is the son of Caleb and Naomi Lyman Weller. He had 3 siblings: Lovice, Solomon, and Martha.

In 1839, Roland and Orpha produced a child, Orintha Weller Chilson Mollison. There is no record that they ever married.


  • 1850: Northampton; living with mother Naomi Weller, wife Lucy Weller, and sister Elizabeth Martha Weller. Occupation listed as Laborer.
  • 1855: Massachusetts State Census: Northampton; living with wife Lucy and daughter Alice, 5. Occupation listed as Laborer.
  • 1860: Unable to find Roland, Lucy, or Alice.
  • 1865: Massachusetts State Census: Northampton; living with wife Lucy, and daughter Alice. Occupation listed as Porter. Lucy’s occupation listed as Mistress.
  • 1870: Northampton; Living with wife Lucy, daughter Alice, grandson Lyman. He is only member listed working; occupation is Clerk in Store.
  • 1880: Northampton; Living with older brother Solomon and younger sister Martha. Occupation for both Roland and Solomon listed as Gentleman. Martha is listed as Housekeeper.

There are no known pictures of Roland Weller in any family collections to my knowledge.

Roland would go on to marry Lucy and have a daughter named Alice.  Alice would have a child, Lyman Weller, born out of wedlock. She would then marry Frank Dayton, have 2 children, and die in Northampton, MA. She is also buried in Bridge Street Cemetery with the Dayton family, not near her father. It is unknown where her mother is buried. The links to their burials in Find A Grave can be found here: Weller Clapp Family Burials.