Mollison Lineage

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Some research does extend beyond 5x Great Grandparents. I am waiting until I’ve completed all the writings up to this generation to extend to the next generations.


This branch of my tree goes back to Scotland. It is a source of a brick wall as I’ve not been able to identify a family connection for my immigrant ancestor.

My immigrant ancestor is James Robinson Mollison. He was born in 1835 and immigrated to the USA. He settled in Northampton, MA where he met and married Orintha Chilson Weller.

They settled in Goshen, MA and had 3 children.  Their original farm was located on what is now know as Mollison Hill Road, adjacent to the Goshen Cemetery.

This line retains a strong presence in Goshen, MA today, 7 generations later. The family has a strong history of civic involvement from Town Selectman, Treasurers, Fire Chief, and Historical Society to name a few.

Now this is my personal impression – a family known for being both stubborn but also willing to lend a hand. This is the family name that I most closely connect with personally due to the amount of time I have spent; and continue to spend; in Goshen.

I spent time each summer and at Thanksgiving in Goshen with my grandparents and had the pleasure to get to know many of Mollison relatives. I’ve been to town meetings, parades, church services, weddings, funerals, and celebrations in Goshen. To me it personifies the typical small New England town. But I also know it from a distance – I am not a resident, so I definitely have an incomplete picture of the town and its residents.

This town also triggered my genealogical research activity. My grandmother helped compile the Mollison genealogy for “A Bicentennial History, Goshen, Massachusetts, 1781-1981” by Anne Sabo Warner.  I then joined my grandmother in maintaining and expanding this research.
The deceased descendants of James Robinson and Orintha Weller Mollison can be found here:

James Robinson Mollison Descendants on Find A Grave

Please remember this is ongoing research. I welcome corrections and missing information.