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James Robinson Mollison was born in Fettercairn, Scotland and emigrated to the USA in 1855 per the 1910 and 1920 US Census. I have not yet located his immigration paperwork but believe he entered via Boston, but he became a naturalized citizen in 1878 (have index but in process of requesting copy of actual court documentation from National Archives in Waltham, MA).

3x Great Grandfather James Robinson Mollison
3x Great Grandfather James Robinson Mollison

He married Orintha Weller Chilson on Oct 21, 1861. Per the vital records of their marriage, his parents are listed as John & Elizabeth Mollison and his occupation is listed as Farmer.

Their marriage would produce 3 children: John Stewart Mollison, Mary Belle Mollison (Rice), and Anne Francis Mollison (Shumway). John Stewart is my Great-Great Grandfather. All three children lived to be adults. John Stewart and Mary Belle are buried in Goshen, with Annie buried in Williamsburg.

The US Census has them in Goshen from 1865 forward. They first purchased a farm near Route 9 and Hwy 112 and the town cemetery. The road is called Mollison Hill to this day. This farm was not to be their forever home. The farm included land that is now part of Camp Howe (per an interview with Douglas Mollison published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette on 7/9/2012). They would then purchase a farm on Main Street across from the Goshen Church.

James Mollison's home across from Goshen Church, taken 1916
James Mollison’s home across from Goshen Church, taken 1916

The last US census with James Robinson was in 1920 when he was living with Annie Shumway and her family in Williamsburg. He died in 1923 and is buried in Goshen Cemetery with Orintha.

There is a connection to the Warner family but am not sure if they were friends or somehow related. There are pictures with James Mollison and the Warners in Scotland.

I also believe, but have no documentation, that he lived on the property behind JFK school in Northampton when he first moved to this country.

The following pictures are of Orintha, Mary Belle Rice and Annie Shumway.  I will reserve the pictures of John Stewart for his page. At present I am only preparing pages of my direct ancestors, so pictures of children/siblings will be included on the parental page. Digital copies are available to family members upon asking. If you wish to share pictures, I am happy to post those here with proper sourcing included.


James Mollison and Joe Warner in Scotland
James Mollison and Joe Warner in Scotland
3x Great Grandmother Orintha Chilson Mollison
Orintha Weller Chilson Mollison, 3x Great Grandmother
James Mollison Sr. +Mary Mollison Rice(daughter
James Robinson Mollison and Mary Mollison Rice (daughter); 2nd child of James Robinson and Orintha Mollison
Annie Mollison Shumway
Annie Mollison Shumway, 3rd child, 2nd daughter of James Robinson and Orintha Mollison

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