Girvin – Elizabeth

Elizabeth Girvin Mollison is my 2x Great Grandmother. She was the eldest of 5 sisters and one brother, the youngest 2 being twins. She emigrated from Ireland, where she was born on April 4, 1861, to Northampton MA in or around 1880 at the age of 19. She would be the next to last sister to marry – only Martha would marry later in 1903.

By March 31, 1891, she had met and married John Stewart Mollison. Her first child, James Stewart Mollison was born on Feb 3, 1892. Followed by the twins; Harry and Harold on September 20, 1896. Harold would die the next month of pneumonia on October 31, 1896.

Lizzie and John would be the first Mollisons to move onto South Main Street. They lived closer to the Center of Goshen versus where their eldest son Stewart would purchase his land.


  • 1880: She is not found in this census. She might have emigrated after the Census was taken.
  • 1900: Goshen; with husband John, sons Stewart and Harry.
  • 1910: Goshen: with husband John, sons Stewart and Harry, and Eleanor Weber the local school teacher boarding with them.
  • 1920: Goshen: with son Stewart, his wife Emeline, and their 3 children.
  • 1923: Northampton; living by herself.

She was 52 when Stewart married in 1913, and 59 when Harry married Lucie Glass in 1920. She became a grandmother at 54 when Lena Elizabeth Mollison was born. Her last grandchild was born in 1934 and 6 of her 11 grandchildren were born after her death in 1923.

In 1923, she is listed in the Northampton City Directory living by herself at 36 Hinckley Bay State. Researching the directory, the home belonged to Mrs Ludevene Thayer. Also residing there was an Albert White whose occupation was Trucking. In the same directory, Lizzie’s nephew, Charles Wenzel is also employed in Trucking industry. He lives at 121 Hinkley. Add to this that 98 Hinkley is the residence of her sister Minnie’s  brother-in-law John Shoro. It would seem that if Lizzie were looking for a place to live, she had plenty of opportunities to hear about a room at Mrs Thayer’s, if they weren’t already friends.

She would die on May 14, 1923. She is buried in Goshen Cemetery next to John Stewart Mollison and nearby are her sons Stewart and Harold.

Harry, Lizzie, John, and Stewart Mollison
Harry, Lizzie, John, and Stewart Mollison

I wonder how much interaction she had with her sisters. I would think they were close – having moved to a new country and mostly remained in the greater Northampton, MA area. I also wonder about her relationship with her in-laws as her parents were back in Ireland.  Thinking that she died at the relatively young age of 62. She outlived all but one of her sisters, that being Minnie who died in 1949.

She emigrated from Ireland, married, had 3 children, buried a child, died living alone, saw a century change, outlived most of her siblings, might have a radio in her home – but didn’t have a tv; and yet she was able to vote the last 4 years of her life.  But also curious – when did electricity come to her home life? Indoor plumbing? Telephone? Imagine how she cooked each day for her husband and 2 sons.

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