Clifford Lineage

Links show where write up has been completed. If any are of particular interest, please email me at and I will consider re-prioritizing my writing.

Some research does extend beyond 5x Great Grandparents. I am waiting until I’ve completed all the writings up to this generation to extend to the next generations.


  • Great Grandmother: Enola Florice Clifford Thompson Allen
  • 2x Great Grandfather: Charles Sumner Clifford
  • 2x Great Grandmother: Flora (Lola) May Crawford Clifford
  • 3x Great Grandfather: Daniel Clifford
  • 3x Great Grandmother: Mary Chaffee Lane Clifford
  • 4x Great Grandfather: Samuel Clifford
  • 4x Great Grandmother: Nancy Brown

This lineage extends from Oakham, Worcester, MA to Danville, Rockingham, NH. Lineage prior to Samuel Clifford and Nancy Brown has proved elusive to many researchers, including my grandmother and a very resourceful cousin. I hope in time to break down this brick wall and find concrete support for the family connection.