Clark Lineage

John Clark and Elizabeth Norcross – 5th and 6th Great Grandparents

  • Isaac Clark (sibling) and Polly Gates – 4x Great Grandparents
  • Mary Harding Clark and John Thompson – 3x Great Grandparents
  • ¬†William Frederick Thompson (spouse) – 2x Great Grandfather


  • Joseph Clark (sibling) and Phebe Rice – 5x Great Grandparents
  • Martin Clark and Harriot Perry – 4x Great Grandparents
  • Leander Harrison Clark and Ella Thayer – 3x Great Grandparents
  • Effie May Clark Thompson (spouse) – 2x Great Grandmother

The Clark Family

The descendencts of John Clark and Elizabeth Norcross cross in my family several times.
John and Elizabeth Norcross Clark are my 5th and 6th Great Grandparents (yes that’s right). They were born in Middlesex County in Massachusetts and died in Chester, Vermont. Together they had 11 children, most of whom were born in Hopkinton MA or Hubbardston MA. Two followed them to Vermont and a third went on to Canda. The remaining eight children remained in Hubbardston MA.

Thru their son Isaac (4th Great Grandfather) comes my 3rd Great Grandmother: Mary Harding Clark. Isaac and his two wives had 18 children. Mary Harding Clark married into the Thompson lineage.

Thru their son Joseph (5th Great Grandfather and 5th Great Uncle), he married Phebe Rice (yet another line that enters several times) and they had seven children. Their 4th child – Martin Clark – was my 4th great grandfather. Martin and his wife Harriet had 9 children. Most of them were born and staying in the Hubbardston and Worcester area their whole lives.

Their 8th child – Leander Harrison Clark – was my 3rd Great Grandfather. He married Ella Thayer and they had 10 children together; 11 total including Leander’s from his first marriage.

Their third child is my 2nd Great Grandmother – Effie May Clark – who married into the Thompson lineage. She married her 2nd Cousin 2x Removed.

I have not yet uncovered any major interaction between the Clark descendants – not even certain they knew they were distantly related. His Clark Great Grandparents were her Clark 2x Great Grandparents.