Lyman – Naomi

The Lyman line is started with my maternal 5x great grandmother, Naomi Lyman. She married Caleb Weller in 1807.

She is the daughter of Abner and Hannah Lyman. I share a birthday with her, May 25th, albeit hers was in 1784 in Northampton, MA.

She gave birth to 5 children, all of whom lived to be adults. Two daughters: Lovice and Martha; three sons: Solomon, Roland, and Henry. It is not yet known when Caleb Weller passed, but he does not appear in a census after 1840 that I have found. All of her children were grown by this time.


  • 1840 Naomi and Martha (based solely on female age) are listed in Northampton. Solomon by himself.
  • 1850: Northampton; living with Roland, his wife Lucy, and Martha (listed as Eliza M).
  • 1855: Mass Census: Northampton; living with Henry and Martha.

She would die in 1859 from dysentery and is buried in the Bridge Street Cemetery with Lovice, Solomon, Roland, and Martha.

Naomi Lyman Weller; Bridge Street Cemetery
  Naomi Lyman Weller; Bridge Street Cemetery
Weller Family - Lovice, Martha, Naomi, and Roland Bridge Street Cemetery
Weller Family – Lovice, Martha, Naomi, and Roland Bridge Street Cemetery

I do not have any pictures of her nor have I completed any substantial research on her parents as of yet.

Weller – Solomon

Solomon Weller is my maternal 6x Great Grandfather and the last presently identified in the Weller lineage. (a google search quickly sidetracked me. Appears to be a line going back to the 1600s but predominantly living in Westfield. More to come. Possible link to my paternal line via the Dewey family.)

He lived in Westfield when it was still part of Hampshire County. Born in 1739 and died in 1795.  in 1771 he married Sarah Clapp and together they had 6 children: Rhoda, Roland, Esther, Sarah, Chester, and Caleb.

He is buried in the Old Burying Ground Cemetery in Westfield.

Weller – Caleb

Caleb Weller, b 1785, is my maternal 5th great grandfather. He married Naomi Lyman in 1807 and together they had 5 children. Lovice, Solomon, Roland, Henry and Martha.

He was the son of Solomon and Sarah Clap Weller and was born in Westfield, Hampshire, MA. He was the youngest of their six children.

Often he is confused with his grandson, Caleb Eugene Weller. This Caleb is the son of his son Solomon. His grandson is buried in Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton, MA.

It is not known when Caleb Weller, b 1785, died nor where he is buried. He was not found in the 1850 US Census with his family, so it is presumed he died before 1850.


  • 1810 Westfield; 2 adults, 2 children – Caleb, Naomi, Lovice, and Solomon
  • 1820 Northampton; 2 adults, 4 children
  • 1830 Unknown; family not found either. During this time only male head of household was listed on the census and then the ages of all other residents.
  • 1840 Unknown; Naomi and Martha (based solely on female age) are listed in Northampton. Solomon is listed by himself.

Occupation: Nothing is known of his occupation as it was not listed in the US Census at that time. The marriage records do not list occupations.  No pictures are available of him at present, and little has turned up in my research so far.


Weller – Roland

Roland is my maternal 4x Great Grandfather. He was born in Westfield, MA in 1813 and died in 1886 in Northampton, MA of apoplexy. He is buried in the Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton, MA with his mother and 2 sisters. Coincidentally, not far from Orpha Chilson Russell and her family.

Roland is the son of Caleb and Naomi Lyman Weller. He had 3 siblings: Lovice, Solomon, and Martha.

In 1839, Roland and Orpha produced a child, Orintha Weller Chilson Mollison. There is no record that they ever married.


  • 1850: Northampton; living with mother Naomi Weller, wife Lucy Weller, and sister Elizabeth Martha Weller. Occupation listed as Laborer.
  • 1855: Massachusetts State Census: Northampton; living with wife Lucy and daughter Alice, 5. Occupation listed as Laborer.
  • 1860: Unable to find Roland, Lucy, or Alice.
  • 1865: Massachusetts State Census: Northampton; living with wife Lucy, and daughter Alice. Occupation listed as Porter. Lucy’s occupation listed as Mistress.
  • 1870: Northampton; Living with wife Lucy, daughter Alice, grandson Lyman. He is only member listed working; occupation is Clerk in Store.
  • 1880: Northampton; Living with older brother Solomon and younger sister Martha. Occupation for both Roland and Solomon listed as Gentleman. Martha is listed as Housekeeper.

There are no known pictures of Roland Weller in any family collections to my knowledge.

Roland would go on to marry Lucy and have a daughter named Alice.  Alice would have a child, Lyman Weller, born out of wedlock. She would then marry Frank Dayton, have 2 children, and die in Northampton, MA. She is also buried in Bridge Street Cemetery with the Dayton family, not near her father. It is unknown where her mother is buried. The links to their burials in Find A Grave can be found here: Weller Clapp Family Burials.

Chilson – Orintha Weller

Orintha Weller Chilson is my maternal 3x Great Grandmother. She was born the child of Roland Weller and Orpha Chilson in 1839 in Westhampton, MA. Her mother was only 16 at the time of her birth. Both would go on to have families of their own, with Orintha having 9 half siblings.

3x Great Grandmother Orintha Chilson Mollison

She would marry James Robinson Mollison on October 21, 1861 in Northampton. Prior to her marriage, she was working in Northampton.


  • 1850: Westhampton MA living with maternal grandparents Lewis and Dorcas Damon Chilson. (Her mother had married in 1843).  Also resident are her uncle Rodney Chilson and cousin George Chilson.
  • 1860: Westhampton MA; living with Lewis and Dorcas Chilson, uncle Fordyce Chilson and his family.
  • 1865: Massachusetts Census: Goshen MA with husband James Robinson and 3 month old John Stewart Mollison, my Great Great Grandfather.
  • 1870: Goshen, MA with husband James, son John, and daughter Mary.
  • 1880: Goshen, MA with husband James, son John, daughter Mary, and daughter Anne
  • 1900: Goshen, MA with husband James.
  • 1910: Goshen, MA with husband James. On the same census page as son John Stewart and family.

She would pass on July 18, 1915, six years to the day before the birth of my grandfather – Harold Tompkins Mollison.

I would love to know more about her, but she passed before any one I know or knew was born. She did leave some diaries and I have heard that she wrote to her mom and they would visit. But I don’t know of any pictures with her family, nor do I know if there was any sustained relationship with that part of the family after her passing. There has been no mention of a relationship with her father or the Weller side of the family.

I imagine a conversation with her would’ve been focused on her family and town activities. The population in Goshen when she married James Mollison was 439 vs slightly over 1,000 in the 2010 Census.

It’s also strange to me to image that she could not vote in her lifetime (just a thought as I’m writing this on Super Tuesday 2016).