Filling In The Leaves – Home Page and Purpose

Welcome to my site for genealogy research. This began as a project over 30 years ago now. My maternal grandmother was working on the Mollison genealogy for the bicentennial of the Town of Goshen Massachusetts. We worked on this together for remainder of her life, expanding to her side of the family tree. I have continued with my paternal side as well.

What I hope to achieve here is a repository of stories about my direct ancestors – on both sides of my family tree. There are things I know, but I want to have a place where others can leave their comments as well. Too many of these wonderful stories are lost because they are not captured.

I will post pictures that have been watermarked to prevent unauthorized usage, but if a family member wants a copy of the photos I am happy to share with them.

My tree of direct ancestors is slowly being posted to I have put up most of my paternal tree as it is much smaller than my maternal tree. You can also find quite a bit of postings on – I am always adding new photos and adding in the Lat/Log positioning so make it easier for others to find the sites in the future.

Maternal Line – Brown, Budway, Chaffee, Chilson, Crawford, Clapp, Clark, Clifford, Crozier, Damon, Gates, Girvin, Kearney, Lyman, Mollison, Morse, Perry, Rice, Sargeant, Thayer, Thompson, Tompkins, Warnock, Weaver, Weller, Whipple, and Woods.

Paternal Line – Adams, Barnes, Bishopp, Bollinger, Buckingham, Burlingham, Bushnell, Dove, Dwight, Greenawalt/Greenwalt, Gridley, Holt, Judd, Kellogg, Meck, Miller, Murray, Noble, Penfield, Seaman, Talman, and Winslow.

If errors are found, please let me know so corrections can be made. I will try to source any external sources.

Thank you and hope to learn more about my family along the way.